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Video Instructions



Before you begin:

  • Open your Thunderbird email client and click the file button in the top left hand corner
  • Select New, and then select Calendar
  • In the window that opens, be sure to select "On the Network", then click Next
  • In the next window, ensure under format that Caldav is selected
  • The value you need to enter for Location consists of two parts
  • Put a check mark beside Cache if you want to be able to read your calendars when you are not connected to the internet
    • Note that you will not be able to edit a calendar unless you are connected to the internet
  • At this point, Thunderbird will want you to name your calendar.
    • The name is arbitrary, it can be anything that is meaningful to you. Thunderbird does not care what you name it, only that you name it.
  • Choose a different colour if you wish, and deselect "Show Reminders" if you don't want them
  • Select the address that will be associated with this calendar
  • If Thunderbird pops up a warning box regarding the Security Certificate, click the "Confirm Security Exception" button
  • For User Name, enter your full email address
  • For Password, enter your email password
  • Select Remember password to avoid having to enter it every time Thunderbird checks for new calendar events
    • Note: if multiple people have physical access to your computer, not checking this prevent others from modifying your calendar
  • Click the Finish button
  • You can now access your calendar

Shared Address Book

Before you begin:

  • You will need to have the lightning plugin installed in thunderbird
    • To install this plugin you need to go this page:
    • Download the one called SOGo Connector Thunderbird extension, save it some place easy like your desktop or downloads folder
    • In Thunderbird, open settings=>Add-ons
    • Under the Add-ons Manager tab near the top will be another settings button, under that will be an option to install and add-on from file
    • Browse to where you saved the file and double click, then click the "Install Now" button, then click the restart link
  • You will need the DAV Path found on the server or the DAV Path from some else's Calendar
    • Note those instructions show you how to retrieve the path for your calendar collection, you need to get the path for your address book collection instead

When you are ready:

  • Navigate back to the Inbox tab and click your Address Book button
  • click file=>New=>Remote Address Book
  • In the window that opens, enter a name
    • The Name is an arbitrary value you can use to identify this address book, it can be anything meaningful to you.
  • In the URL field enter the DAV Path you obtained earlier
  • Select your Notification and Syncronize options then click Okay

Extra Notes