Domain Substitution

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The Short Answer

  • Wherever you see domain.tld, you should substitute your own domain
    • For example, if your domain name is, and you see something like cal.domain.tld, you should read it as

Why domain.tld?

  • Domain names are read/written from left to right.
    • Technically, all domains start with a . on the far right, but nobody ever uses it, so it becomes like a silent letter
    • To the left of the first dot is the Top Level Domain, or TLD
      • Examples of TLDs include .com, .ca, .org, and .net.
    • To the left of the TLD is another . which separates the TLD from the domain
    • The domain is what you buy, and you need to buy it from each TLD you want your name to be in
      • For example, my domain is computerisms, and I have that domain in a few different TLDs, such as .ca and .com
    • Another . may be placed to the left of the domain, and a subdomain placed to the left of that
      • Sub domains are useful for identifying machines and services available to your domain, such as webmail
      • An example of a subdomain would be, which on these help pages would be written as cal.domain.tld