Troubleshooting Email Issues

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Zip file attachments

The background

  • Zip files are a very common way to spread ransomware and other nasty payloads that can compromise your data
  • For this reason, zip files are a blocked attachment type, the server will not accept them by default
    • The server also blocks other kinds of file types that can be run as programs, such as .exe and .bat files

The Solution

  • Computerisms can disable the block on zip attachments
    • Disabling the block affects the whole domain, so we cannot prevent individual users from receiving zip files without blocking them for everybody.
      • This puts the onus on the end-users to not open zip files that they do not recognize.
      • Because of the dangers of ransomware crippling your entire network, we do not recommend opening any zip file attachment without first contacting the sender and confirming it is a legitimate file
  • The Sender can rename the attachment from to file.zi_ before sending
    • Most of the time, this will fool the server into letting the mail through
    • When the mail is received, the recipient will have to save the file, and then rename it from file.zi_ back to