Connecting Android Device to a File Server

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This information is current as of Sept 30, 2020, with the example device running Android 10

  • Open the Google Play Store Google-play-logo11.jpg
  • Download the CX File Explorer App
Screenshot 20200930-123016 Google Play Store.png
Screenshot 20200930-123123 Cx File Explorer.png
  • Open the CX File Explorer App and select the Network Tab
  • Select the + icon, then select the Remote tab and click on Local Network
Screenshot 20200930-123137 Cx File Explorer.png
Screenshot 20200930-144842 Cx File Explorer.png
  • The application will scan for shares on your local network
  • Once your share pops up, select it
  • Type your Username and Password for the user on the share, or select the Anonymous checkbox if accessing the share as a guest (if the share is configured for such)
  • Press OK and if the Username and Password check out, you should be connected to the share!
Screenshot 20200930-144913 Cx File Explorer.png