Connecting Android device to a File Server

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Connecting Moto G to a File Server

  • Go to Google Play Google-play-logo11.jpg
  • Download ES File Explorer App
Screenshot 2014-11-20-10-39-54.png
  • Open ES File Explorer App and choose the menu icon with 3 horisontal lines Menu button.png
Screenshot 2014-11-20-10-40-40.png
  • Choose Network
Screenshot 2014-11-20-10-40-48.png
  • Press Scan button Scan button.png
  • Wait when device finish to scan and choose your Server
Screenshot 2014-11-20-10-41-05.png
  • Make sure it is SMB connection
    • Type your Name User and Password for user
    • Check the box Remember password
    • Press OK
Screenshot 2014-11-20-10-41-26.png